At Charterhouse, our team is dedicated to realising your planning ambitions.


At Charterhouse, we have been helping our clients to improve their network capabilities since 2008.

We specialise in securing planning consent for telecommunications towers capable of supporting multiple operators across a wide geographic area. To date, we have secured planning consents for several hundred towers nationwide. Our work helps clients to build reliable tower assets that can extend coverage into rural areas, bridging the digital divide, as well as providing a much-needed increase in network capacity for urban communities.

Planning & Development

Advising on site selection, securing planning consents, project managing the process, co-ordinating third party consultants.


Managing the Process

Site selection stage

Our work begins at site selection stage where we advise on locations most likely to secure planning consent, compliant with local planning policy and with low build cost.

Application stage

From there we submit the planning application and guide it through process, addressing third party concerns, supporting the local authority with additional information as requested, bringing on board third-party consultants, project managing their delivery, and satisfying all planning queries to best position the application for a positive planning decision.

Appeal stage

We support clients through the preparation of robust, justified planning appeals drafted to address local authority or third-party specific concerns and positioning the potential asset with the greatest potential to achieve a positive decision at appeal stage.

Post Planning Decision

With a positive planning decision in place, we can assist the client in satisfying all pre-build compliance issues with the local planning authority paving the way for the application structure to be built out as approved.

Delivering Essential Information

Occasionally, local authorities may require specialised reports to assist in their decision-making process. These reports cover a wide range of areas, including ecology and environmental protection, visual assessments, flood risk analysis, archaeological investigations, road safety reviews, underground services assessment and network coverage, landscape evaluations and historic built environment appraisals. This list is by no means exhaustive. At Charterhouse, we are committed to ensuring that the right information is supplied to local authorities in a timely fashion. To achieve this, we either engage our own experts or engage with third-party specialists and manage their delivery according to the planning authority's specific requirements.


Managing the Process

Upon achieving planning consent, Charterhouse will then manage the process to achieve compliance with conditions of the planning consent. This is an important process and when completed, provides the client with peace-of-mind that their project is fully compliant with planning conditions and the site ready for works to commence.


Managing an appeal

In the unlikely event planning consent is not granted by the local authority, the Charterhouse team can manage the appeals process to An Bord Pleanála, establishing a robust case for the proposed project and presenting supporting evidence that underpins the project’s feasibility. Our team is wholly committed to seeing through each stage of the planning process and giving our clients confidence their proposal has the best chance of achieving consent.


Specialist Reports

We manage the delivery of the following assessments as required by the planning authority in support of the decision making process.