Property is among our core strengths at Charterhouse


Property services

Our property services include site finding and reporting on options, land referencing and land assembly, lease negotiations, site acquisition and supporting legal teams to complete transactions. Our clients include major telecommunications, utilities and renewables companies. We also have extensive experience in voluntary land acquisition and compulsory purchase, supporting local authorities and utilities companies in the preacquisition and acquisition phase, and also for landowners due compensation associated with land loss, disturbance and value depreciation/losses on retained lands.


Strategic advisors

As strategic advisors in the preplanning phase, our objective is to streamline the site acquisition process.

Thorough due diligence we identify well-located sites with proximity to utilities and good ground for construction with the highest prospect of achieving planning consent. This approach saves our clients time and money and contributes to the success of their infrastructure project.


Land acquisition & compulsory purchase

For local authorities and discrete infrastructure projects, we provide detailed cost analyses of different options for land acquisition

As property specialists, we manage the interface between acquiring authorities and landowners, to work towards a satisfactory outcome for both accommodation works and for the determination of landowner compensation in accordance with legislation, established case law and accepted principles around compulsory purchase.

Landowners can trust our many years of experience in compulsory purchase to represent their interests. In the first instance, we provide landowners with accurate, reliable property valuations that inform their entitlements in the land acquisition process. We can also support landowners to manage accommodation works, from rehabilitating land impacted by construction, to arranging for the relocation of animal pens, boundary walls, access to utilities and more.

To find out more about our property services, please get in touch with a member of our team.