Survey & Design

Our strength in survey and design helps to streamline the planning process for our clients

Survey & Design

Survey activities include initial site survey and assessment to determine optimal tower positioning relative to utilities and access while taking into account site specific constraints. Our surveys regularly incorporate the use of drones for mapping and boundary identification, for the generation of panoramic photography, or to establish line of site from the site being surveyed to remote telecommunications sites.

Drones – Tools of our trade

Survey & Design

We complete topographical surveys to establish precision co-ordinates and site elevations, to map boundaries for land registry purposes and to assist in determining sight lines for new entrance openings. Our survey capabilities include the use of GNNS (GPS) equipment, laser scanners and total stations. Our design services takes the initial survey data through to the delivery of general arrangement drawings, planning drawings, detailed design, as-built and land registry drawings.

Experienced & Certified

Verified Views & Rendered Images

Charterhouse also offers design services to support planning applications.

In particular, our Verified View 3D Surveys create realistic visualisations of proposed projects with a 3D render of the structure placed within a professional photograph of the site.

Survey data, professional photography and cutting-edge elements such as global positioning deliver a precision model that provides planning authorities with clarity about the project.

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